Conventional Practice Areas

Company Secretarial and Business Organization

Our Company Secretarial Division is headed by a registered Company Secretary with over 15 year’s experience and a current practicing certi cate. She’s backed by practitioners well versed in company law and related matters.

Corporate roles and meetings:

  • Acting as Company Secretary as per the requirements of the Companies Act and in compliance with all other relevant Legislation.
  • Preparation and distribution of notices, agenda and other relevant documents for the convening of Board Meetings, General Meetings (Annual and Extra-Ordinary) and various Board Committee Meetings.
  • Ensuring proper preparation of Board papers by relevant parties, attending meetings and taking minutes and follow ups.
  • Keep company records including those of signed board and general meetings.


Corporate Governance and compliance

  • Assisting in the preparation of the appropriate Corporate Governance codes General guidance to the Board on compliance regulatory matters.
  • Providing advice on international best practice on corporate governance trends and principles.
  • Leadings implementation and/or making recommendations for the implementation of corporate governance trends best practices.
  • Assist in the preparation of the company’s various reports and publications such Annual Reports, by providing the relevant data in corporate governance related areas.
  • Facilitating the audit of statutory and Secretarial records by the Company’s auditors, and handling due diligence of records by external parties e.g. any proposed investor or rating agency.
  • Providing professional assistance and advice in the issuance of shares and other equity instruments and statutory related to the process;
  • Preparation for and management of elections for of ce bearers at all General Meetings in accordance with the Company’s relevant instruments.
  • Corporate Governance Trainings and Directors inductions, Board evaluations and spearheading recommendations thereof.
  • Ensuring the preparation and approval of Annual Board work plans and Board Manuals.



  • Advising the Board and effecting any required changes in directorships, change of registered of ce, change of company’s name etc and filing any necessary changes and returns.
  • Managing any required alteration to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Managing any restructuring of share capital;
  • Completion and submission of the Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies.
  • Maintaining statutory records such as register of mortgages and charges, directors interests and minute books, register of directors and shareholders. Ensuring preparation, maintenance and updating of various statutory records and documents as applicable under the company’s constitutive documents of its subsidiaries.
  • Carrying out any required company searches from information held by the Registrar of Companies


Business Organization

The Secretarial Department also undertakes incorporation of companies, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, business names, NGOs, trusts, charities, co- operative societies, savings and credit co-operative societies, trade unions and even political parties.

Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

Our Lawyers are vibrant adjudicators and
are on hand to advance the interests of
clients in regular Courts, judicial tribunals...

Company Secretarial and Business Organization

Our Company Secretarial Division is headed by a registered Company Secretary with over 15 year’s experience and a current practicing...

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Intellectual Property Law

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Banking Securities & Microfinance Lending Services

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