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Welcome to Otieno & Amisi Law Group

We are pleased to welcome you to O&ALaw Group.

The group consist of Otieno & Amisi Advocates and Otieno & Amisi LLP.

Otieno & Amisi Advocates offers conventional legal services in corporate and commercial law, banking, microfinance, insurance, land and property transactions, intellectual property, commercial litigation, civil litigation, criminal law, and arbitration.

Otieno & Amisi LLP offers legal consultancy services in legal audit, legal risk assessment and management, securities review, legislative drafting, company secretarial, business organization, and statutory compliance.

As part of our commitment to international best practices, the firm is managed under a limited liability partnership, which is incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act and enjoys perpetual succession and a corporate personality.

We are located in Nairobi and Kisumu. This places us at a vantage point to conveniently serve corporate clients with presence in Nairobi, Central, Mid-western Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western Kenya, Western Rift Valley and parts of the North Rift.

We view the practice of law as a business support service and are therefore deeply committed to providing reliable and efficient legal services flexibly tailored to dovetail with the shifting demands of business enterprise whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, ethical and moral standards. Thus our slogan efficiens et fidelis.

The group has fully adopted corporate management structures and principles. As a result, besides the legal team, we have retained a wide array of professionals to offer support in the delivery of our services. This includes a full-fledged corporate relations department, charged with liaison and client feedback functions.

We are also ICT savvy and have adopted information technology in the running of all the group affairs.


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