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Legal Consultancy Services

Company Secretarial & Business Organization Services

This section deals with business structuring and undertakes incorporation of companies, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, business names, NGOs, trusts, charities, co-operative societies, savings and credit co-operative societies, trade unions and even political parties. We also assist with company restructuring and joint ventures.

The company secretarial services include filing of returns, change of directorships, share swaps and transfers, change of names, change of particulars and reservation of names. We also offer a depository of incorporation certificates and documents, share certificates, company seals and other crucial corporate instruments. For purposes of client convenience, we are open to annual retainer agreements.


Legal Audit and Legal Risk Managementconsultancy

A majority of business processes interact with the law at one point or another. Legal audit entails an examination of this interaction with the object of certifying that this interaction meets the requirements of law and that it does not expose the institution to loss arising from legal risk.

Through this service, our firm seeks to assist business organizations to identify loopholes within their systems and processes that may expose them to legal risks and where such risks are identified, advise on mitigation measures.


Securities Review

Owing to our frequent interaction with finance and lending institutions, we are frequently called upon to review securities and documentation, which facilitate the grant of credit to individuals and business organizations.

This include letters of offer, loan and facility agreement, guarantees and indemnities, debentures, charges, chattels mortgages, letters of credit, deeds of surrender, hire purchase agreements, and restructuring agreements.


General Consultancy Services

We offer legal consultancy services in debt recovery, credit information sharing, business and investment structuring, general commercial law, tax law and taxa administration, intellectual property, industrial and labour law and consumer protection law. We provide legal audit services, legal risk management, statutory compliance and securities review

In appreciation of the dynamism of law, we are committed legal researchers and are constantly in the lookout for emerging issues of law and discovery of knowledge. In a bid to keep our clients abreast of developments in the legal sector, we prepare periodic legal updates and undertake law review on new statutes and precedent setting Court decisions, both local and international.


Legislative Drafting

Through this service we assist instuitional clients to draft policies, regulations, subsidiary legislation, by laws and bills.

A notable achievement here is that our Managing Partner was recently retained by Credit Information Sharing Association of Kenya (CIS Kenya) in partnership with the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) to draft two sets of proposed legislation, namely; the Credit Information Sharing Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and the Credit Information Sharing Bill, 2016 together with the accompanying Company Regulations, the Credit Information Sharing Regulations, 2016.



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